SCO Allsky1 Camera 20180221_0002 compilation of midnight images

SCO Allsky1 Camera compilation of midnight images

Generated on 20180221_0002

The concept here is to create an archive of images taken around midnight local time that c an be used to jog my memory of a specific night (ie if it was clear or not, moon in the sk y or not, etc). The 0show script copies the current.jpg image at midnight and renames it to the current datetimestamp.

  • midnights.avi animated avi of all images.
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    sco-20180101_0002.jpg sco-20180102_0002.jpg sco-20180103_0002.jpg sco-20180104_0002.jpg sco-20180105_0002.jpg sco-20180106_0002.jpg sco-20180107_0002.jpg sco-20180108_0002.jpg sco-20180109_0002.jpg sco-20180110_0002.jpg sco-20180111_0002.jpg sco-20180112_0002.jpg sco-20180113_0002.jpg sco-20180114_0002.jpg sco-20180115_0002.jpg sco-20180116_0002.jpg sco-20180117_0002.jpg sco-20180118_0002.jpg sco-20180119_0002.jpg sco-20180120_0002.jpg sco-20180121_0002.jpg sco-20180122_0002.jpg sco-20180123_0002.jpg sco-20180124_0002.jpg sco-20180125_0002.jpg sco-20180126_0002.jpg sco-20180127_0002.jpg sco-20180128_0002.jpg sco-20180129_0002.jpg sco-20180130_0002.jpg sco-20180131_0002.jpg sco-20180201_0002.jpg sco-20180202_0002.jpg sco-20180203_0002.jpg sco-20180204_0002.jpg sco-20180205_0002.jpg sco-20180206_0002.jpg sco-20180207_0002.jpg sco-20180208_0002.jpg sco-20180209_0002.jpg sco-20180210_0002.jpg sco-20180211_0002.jpg sco-20180212_0002.jpg sco-20180213_0002.jpg sco-20180214_0002.jpg sco-20180215_0002.jpg sco-20180216_0002.jpg sco-20180217_0002.jpg sco-20180218_0002.jpg sco-20180219_0002.jpg sco-20180220_0002.jpg sco-20180221_0002.jpg

    all.txt list of all image filenames

    Number of images to date: 52
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