We’ve been here since 2002 with a datalogging weather station and visual observatory and have been adding equipment and functionality ever since. We have had some serious data flowing around here (Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatory) with our astronomy projects. This is a fairly live and uptodate display of the SIDs, Allskycameras, RadioJove radio telescope, webcams, and weather station:

Weather Station
Reporting to:
Weather Underground PWS IONTARIO51
Weather Underground Station IONTARIO51 since 2002 October 31
PWSweather.com since 2018 February 14

Weather WebPage Runs 24/7 usingDavis VantageVue (2013 March 17)

Kingston earthquake seismogram (not ours)

Current WeeWX generated Page
since 2016 september

Weather WebPage Runs 24/7 usingDavis VantageVue (2013 March 17)

Allsky1 Camera System
(aka concam) (since 2007 Jan in this setup, since 2002 with older system) is an SBIG ST237A camera with an integrated wide angle lens, taking 60-80sec exposures all night long.
SBIG ST237AAllsky1 latest image
Allsky1 WebPage
starts after local sunset, ends before local sunrise.
Allsky2 Camera System
(aka UWO allsky camera 10) (since 2012 June) is a low light video camera grabbing and digitizing 10-20 fps. UWO cam 10
Allsky2 latest image

Allsky2 WebPage
Starts with light sensor triggering at dusk.
VLF 20-40KHz SuperSID (since 2016 January) Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance receiver.

Y axis=50

Y axis=500


Supersid WebPage

Built 2016 January; online with Stanford 2016 Feb.
Updated once daily around 00:00 UT

Radio Jove Radio Receiver (Since 2011 April 29)
(offline 2016 May 28-July29)
A Radio Receiver tuned to 20.1 MHz attached to a dual dipole antenna will receive radio signals from Jupiter and the Sun. Runs 24/7

  • SCGO Radiojove WebPage 
  • Last 144 images (3 days)
  • Radiojove image archive

    RJ1-   1 hour image

    RJ2-1 day image

    Updated hourly
  • Latest image from the Jupiter Gallery (UT):

    Live event logs: events.log