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Page Last Updated: 2007 May 03

Welcome to the Starlight Cascade website!
Located near Yarker, Ontario, Canada (44.22.39 N 76.45.47 W    155M Elevation) in the Township of Stone Mills

Starlight Cascade ATM Page

Page created: 1998 Feb 07
Last updated: 2007 June 22

Various ATM (Amateur Telescope Making) projects in progress, completed or thinking about.

See also Kev's Astroblog

Thinking about:

  • Some kind of observing chair (variable height), motorized barn door tracker, poncet platform for dobsonian scope, a tabletop mount for a barn door tracker (with adjustable latitude).
  • a video camera on a tracking platform under a hemisphere of transparant plexiglass to track the sun during daylight, track the moon during the night, or failing either object in the sky, some other object. Project this onto a large screen display. Maybe Queen's would be interested in the Stirling or Ellis Halls?
  • Power box on wheels with solar charger. The existing power box is quite heavy to move around. Wheels would be nicer as well as more space and fixed outlets.
  • Variable Height Tripod
  • 24" Dobsonian dew zapping systems -
  • a new observatory perhaps 12'x20', roll off roof, warm room
  • a dedicated solar telescope

    Projects In Progress:

    Callisto, Rebuilt 18cm 7" f4.5 Dobsonian - 2003 August

    Projects Completed:

    Dobsonian Stand - 2007 May
    Display Chart boxes - 2007 April
    Starlight Cascade Roll Off Roof Observatory, Mark I - 2003 September
    Display Easel - 2003 March
    Writing Table - 2003 March
    Starlight Cascade Piers and Observing Deck - 2002 October
    Wedge for Tripod and barndoor - 2001 Sept
    Fixed Height Tripod - 2001 Sept 03
    Dew zapping Heaters - 2000 August
    Variable Height Observing Chair 2000 August 09 (PS No this is not Kevin in the picture :)
    OT Leg Set #5 2000 August 07
    Power box 2000 May 20
    canvas cover for the Douglas Telescope 2000 April
    Observing Table 2000 March
    Type I Barn Door x 35 copies! 1999 Feb
    Callisto, my first 18cm 7" f4.5 Dobsonian 1998 Nov

    On hold:

    Equatorial Mount 1998 Nov