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Located near Yarker, Ontario, Canada (44.22.39 N 76.45.47 W    155M Elevation) in the Township of Stone Mills

Kevin's ATM Chartbox Page


These were made some time ago but not written up ... until now.
The concept was to allow the use of starcharts and other paper references at night without getting soaked in the dew. So we came up with a box made of wood and added a clear plexiglass lid on hinges and a handle to carry it around.

In reality the charts went inside and worked well but other items got piled on top of the plexiglass, necessitating moving all of the objects off before you could open the box lid to adjust pages inside.

A minor design change will be made to allow the front of the box to hinge open instead of the top, or perhaps as well as.

The minor design change project follows:

The hinged handle side was cut open and hinges attached. Shelving mount went inside to allow a bottom section for storage of material and an upper section for display of material.

  • 20070407-02.jpg
    This shows the original chartbox that top opens only.
  • 20070416-01.jpg
    This image shows the front hinged cutout with sliding locks, and the shelf mounts going in
  • 20070416-02.jpg
  • 20070416-11.jpg
  • 20070417-03.jpg
    The finished product