Douglas Cover

Page last updated: 2003 March 19

Start of the Project: 2000 April 01


The Douglas telescope has been losing plastic bag dust covers for years now and we are running out of large plastic bags! So Don volunteered some canvas material and one sunny day we went at it with a sharp knife and a hot glue gun. The fitting allows for the canvas (water resistant!) to fit over the tube alone or over the tube and mount (snugly!). It is incomplete in that the carry handle holes will be reinforced with a canvas ring and a velcroed flap will be added. Photos taken by the Agfa E-photo smile ($150 digital camera). The cover is functional now (hence it is in the "completed" section, but as with any other project, there are constant modifications. The cover material and other expendables are being donated to the centre.

After the Fact

The canvas has turned out to be very cumbersome and not very flexible except when in hot sun. It was designed to be on the scope when vertical and now we are storing all telescopes horizontally to keep dust, condensation and other material from settling on the primary mirror surface.
So the cover is now no longer in service.
There is a possibility of redesigning it to allow its use when the telescope is horizontal.