warm, sunny and a little bit of sunburn while re-roofing the greenhouse.
The original roof was plain plywood and paint and that didn’t last too long before it started leaking. So we added 2’x8′ poly panels overtop… that didn’t last too long either. Water has a tendency to find gaps and get in, ruining cabinets, seeds and paper.
So the poly panels were removed, a layer of ice and water shield put down followed by a coarse of shingles. That should do it!
Sunday it rained. The roof leaked. arrggg.20090328-08
Last night (Tuesday) up on the roof with a caulking gun, resealing the
interface between the clear poly roof panels and the wood. It is due to rain again today… here’s hoping it stays dry inside!

We also had some evidence of mouse like visitors inside the greenhouse yesterday. A few days ago we stuffed some pink insulation into a hole in the wall where the water hose came in. Last night it wasn’t there. Hmmmm. So the insulation was replaced by a swinging wood flap that sealed the hole pretty well… We’ll see how well that works.

Other work included some modifications to the cold frame in Veg#3 as the window is far more massive than the frame itself and it had a tendency to come up out of the ground and almost flip over.