You may have heard of the King Tut exhibit at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in Toronto.
We went to see it last week, early on a Friday morning in the hopes of missing the massive crowds. It didn’t work.

If you skip the horrific crowds (50 people shuffled in every 5 minutes), it was a great show. Lots of good artifacts, nice displays that I can’t show you images of because NO CAMERAS ALLOWED, nor cell phones (turn them off!). We had fun, learned a lot, and wanted to watch “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns” with Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz when we got back home 🙂

Once we got out of that madhouse we were dumped right into a special King Tut Giftshop. All manner of Made-In-China “stuff” was waiting for us. Hmmm.. time to go and visit the art.

We toured around from room to room, looking for the mysterious and evasive painting that we thought we saw at the Museum of Civilization in Hull Quebec a few years back: Moonlight in the Pines by Tom Thomson. Only we cannot find it… a mistake in the title perhaps or maybe even the painter. Oh well… will have to revisit the museum again some day.