As gardeners we live and die by the weather. The two nights of heavy frost on Sunday & Monday May 9 & 10 this month is an indication of that.
As astronomers we live by the weather as well (we can always drink wine if it is bad 🙂

I went hunting for a better forecast than that of the Environment Canada forecast for Kingston Ontario, 30 km to the southeast on Lake Ontario. Our weather is very different than theirs, to the point of forecasts are pretty useless. When cloudy at night we are a couple of degrees colder and when clear 5 degrees or more colder. Frost predictions become touchy.

We started watching the forecasts for Napanee Ontario as it is 30 km to the southwest but not sitting on Lake Ontario. Even so it varies by some undetermined amount.

Then we came across this page from the weather network: It has some nice additional information such as sunrise, sunset and expectations about frost and watering needs.
Continuing the search I find one for Yarker .
But it lacks those detailed features of frost, gardening index, etc.
I guess they just can’t extrapolate enough to come up with reliable forecasts.

In other news about weather, there is a CANWARN severe weather seminar in Napanee on Saturday May 29th.