earthquake yesterday. Cool. The earth moved. My chair moved around with me in it. Very cool.
At first it felt like the standard heavy truck driving by, more from muffler emissions than the ground moving, but within a second or two after that, you knew it wasn’t a vehicle outside. The floor never moves when a truck goes by.

There was a magnitude 5.0 earthquake approximately 200 km NNE of Kingston June 23rd, 2010 at 13:41 EDT. I was in a century old limestone concrete and steel 4 story building on the ground floor.
The earth moved, nothing fell over, nothing fell down. No power interruptions or damage of any kind.
The National Research Council of Canada website went down immediately under the load. CBC did not update their website for like 30 minutes after the event. The first available web/news site with any information at all was the US Geologic Survey site.
That is disappointing.