I was driving back home after picking up the books from the auditor when I saw a great big fireball. It was 17:41 EST in the west north west. I was just coming up to the county line from Frontenac to L&A on Colebrook Road, approx lat 44.3984, long -76.7340 (use maps.google.ca and the New! LatLngToolTip feature that gives you lat/long where you point).

I noticed it at about 45 degrees elevation in the twilight. It was
bright! Brighter than mag -4 or -6?
It lasted longer than 5 second and maintained a steady brightness
without losing any bits. No trail that I could see. The path ended about 10 degrees off the horizon.

The SCO allsky camera started up at 17:45 now and in any event, that time image was still very bright and washed out and would not have caught this one 🙁

We’ve changed the start time to 17:30 EST now in any event (as of this morning) and the image capture will stop at 06:00 ESTm both times well into twilight.