It’s that time of the year… time to prep for spring. The greenhouse took some minor exterior damage in the windstorm of Saturday 2012 March 3rd. That will be fixed in a few weeks after it warms up enough to do the outside work.

On the inside, we had two shelves for growing flats and that was not quite enough the last couple of years. 2’x8′ was about 32 square feet in total.

So yesterday, down came the shelves for remodelling into three shelves giving us another 50% to work with. This will help spread the flats out a bit more. The entire growing shelves are enclosed in removable plastic to allow us to put a small ceramic heater inside to keep warm over the next couple of months.
The bottom shelf was lowered about 4″, the top shelf raised about 6″ and a new shelf was built into the middle slot.
Absolute height was reduced a bit on the lower two shelves but that should not be a problem. As the plants get to that height, they will start going outside to harden off before planting in the ground.

And this is the first seeds to go into soil this year… a couple of flats of flowers destined for the L&A Hort Plant Sale in May.