Months of nothing and boom.. two big ones within days of each others.
The first was
2012 Sept 22 00:29:46 UT (Sept 21 20:29:46 EDT) Fireball reported across SE Ontario and New York State, 90 second exposure, appears low in the NE Est mag -11. This one we caught no trail, just the tail end terminal explosion. There were over 70 reports on

And another was last night (Sunday)
2012 Sept 24 01:41:27 UT (Sept 23 21:41:27 EDT) 8 second long firewall approaching mag -3?. Starts high and east heading north, continuing out of the frame. Gets brightest in midflight, then flickers in brightness. Covers at least 50% of the sky in its travel.

Again.. anyone outside last night?

Pictures and video of last nights are online at
We are still working on getting video from the first event.