Apollo 18 was released some time ago with much fanfare and some really good editing on the trailer. Ie we thought we really really wanted, needed to see it.
Well, it came on the satellite last night and it was horrible.
What a waste.

Should have checked rotten tomatos first. It shows a rating of 24% on both the tomatometer and the audience liking it.
“A boring, suspense-free Paranormal Activity rip-off that feels long even at just 90 minutes.”
good description.

Hmm. while we are there.. let’s check out Battleship (2012) as it was another trailer-seen-in-theatre that looked interesting.
35% on the tomatometer and 54% of the audience liked it!
“It may offer energetic escapism for less demanding filmgoers, but Battleship is too loud, poorly written, and formulaic to justify its expense — and a lot less fun than its source material.”

Another hmmm. Maybe its time to try out rotten tomatos as our forecasting guide to movies. Typically we would find a reviewer, after a time if they agreed with us, we would use them. Siskel & Ebert were among the last of the reviewers who agreed with us and would be a good predictor of what we would like. That was a long time ago.