leekmothLeek moth has been a pest for a few years now and we have been looking at ways to reduce their impact on our leeks, onion and garlic crops.
We recently came across this LeekMothIdentificationSheetFeb02-2012. This is a 2mb PDF from Agrifood Canada.

One of the best pieces of information for us is the flight periods and the fact that we can cover up the crop with row covers and reduce the number of eggs laid on the plants.

*Warning* the pdf contains many images of icky bugs.

The pheromone traps can be had from
Cooper Mill Ltd.
RR3, Madoc, Ontario, Canada K0K 2K0
tel: (613) 473-4847 fax: (613) 473-5080
Email: ipm@coopermill.com

We hope to get an order in this weekend. They will help us identify flight periods with more accuracy and keep records so we know what to expect in the future.