We completed new code to process all of the nights imagery from the allsky2 camera system. Not only does it run in the current “last nights run” but also can do the historical imagery.

Currently its own ASGARD software identified meteor like images and stores them. The last 7 days of these can be seen at starlightcascade.ca/allsky2/
The problem is, it generates a *lot* of false positives, mainly from car headlights driving by.

So last weekend we went through 5000+ images and manually selected only those “real” meteor events (and then only the brighter ones) and put them into a “specialevents” folder for more processing. What it does is combine the entire nights image run into one image, for easy recognition of meteors and event better, fireballs.
So the process runs automatically, generating one summary image for each night from the entire history of images, updating daily.

I just started going through this summary
and came across this image from 2012 December 14..

Shower Name Activity Maximum Radiant V r ZHR IMO
km/s Code
Geminids Dec04-Dec17 Dec14 07:28 +33 35 2.6 120 GEM

I bet there is more…
Each of these images links to the dedicated page of that day, which also includes each individual image that composes the summary.

The Leonids… back when there was still a condensation problem in the camera dome.
Leonids Nov 06-Nov 30 Nov 17 10 08 +22 71 2.5 15 LEO

and what else can we find?
The Orionids
Orionids Oct 02-Nov 07 Oct 21 06 20 +16 66 2.5 20 ORI

And the last big one is the Perseids
Perseids Jul 17-Aug 24 Aug 12 03 12 +58 59 2.2 100 PER