Yay! Amazon has shipped another book on…. potatos?
hmm. not exactly what we were expecting but we will take it..
waitaminute… here’s another email…
Another book has shipped!
Now this is more like it! Leather bound and signed by the author!

As you can tell it has been a pretty slow couple of weeks. Cloudy, cold, and even windy! The ground has started to thaw enough to be really really gross walking on.

The tomatos have been planted and are out in the greenhouse, hopefully growing! No leakage in the greenhouse since the roof patch… always a *good* thing.

Yesterday was the purchase, pick up, haul home and unloading of, 300kg of sheep composted manure.. Ick! And another 300kg tonight.
Sounds impressive, no?

Not really… when you take that as 20 bags of 15kg each. It actually moves along quite quickly.
This is a new manufacturer from the one we used last year, but is also 0.5-0.5-0.5
( 0.5% nitrogen, 0.5% phosphorus, and 0.5% potassium)

Updated: 2013 April 04. The Potatos have arrived! … ok
the Potato Book has arrived!
A strange and roundabout shipping route…
mississauga to concord to ottawa to lachine to kingston.
wow… lotsa kilometrage.