Capture_2Monday May 13th, 2013 saw two bouts of small hail throughout the day, a low of 1 deg C in the morning and -3.6 C Monday night/Tuesday morning. The hard frost may have killed off some climbing vines we had just planted Sunday.

We were able to plant the potatos on Tuesday. It was cool but not cold and the seed potatos would not last much longer in the cold room since their harvest last fall.
They are now in the ground and hopefully happy.
They were very small, so we expect a small yield in the fall.

The ground is about 180 ft^2, roughly 8’x23′.
We tilled it up, pulled grass and weeds, added 4 bags of composted sheep manure (0.5-0.5-0.5) and 12 wheelbarrels of fresh triple mix earth (just over 1.5 yards).
The potatos went in north-south rows and filled up the bed completely.

Today some new grape vines arrived to replace the ones the deer ate last year.