The Heirloom Seed Growers (of Eastern Ontario) (HSGeo) got together this spring to plant beans. All of them.
More than 10 types.. more than 20 types.. more than 30 types?
Looks like 67 types, listed below.

I will have to get the records to find out the exact number.

In any event it was a lot of work to put together this Project. After the initial planting on 2013 May 19th, some modifications were made, including the 3′ high chicken wire fencing and then later, an electric fence, to keep the pesky deer critters out of the beans… They love beans.
The bed is approximately 45’x95′ or 4275 ft^2.
Rows are 28″ apart.

The following are a collection of images in time sequential order, from 2013 May 19th through to 2013 July 12th.

Bean types by Row
1 Caseknife, Christmas Lima, Black Knight
2 Black Turtle, Dark Red Kidney
3 Dutch Brown, Dwarf Horticultural
4 Great Northern, Hutterite
5 Ireland Creek Annie, Dixie Speckled Butter Pea Lima
6 Jacob’s Cattle, Jesse Fisk
7 Lemon Yellow, Low’s Champion
8 Henderson’s Bush Lima, Maine Yellow Eye
9 Marfax, Money
10 Navy, Pink
11 Pinto, Fordhook Bush Lima
12 Red Kidney, Swedish Brown
13 Soldier, Red Mexican
14 Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Butterbean, Yellow Eye
15 Red Peanut, Trout Black and White
16 Vermont Cranberry, Walcherse White
17 Grandma Nelli’s CHernoff Yellow Pole, Kingston of the Garden, Scarlet Runner,
18 Adzuki, Black Valentine, Blue Lake
19 Aramis, Buerre de Rocquencort, Bountiful
20 Brittlewax, Dragon Tongue, French Horticultural
21 Magpie, Pencil Pod, Provider
22 Purple Queen, Sungold Wax, Red Valentine
23 Tendergreen, Tennesee Green Pod, Royal Burgundy
24 California Wonder, TOngue of Fire, Wren’s Egg
25 White Dutch, FLorida Speckled Lima Butterbean, Genuine Cornfield

Rows 26-40
Vermont Cranberry, Yellow Eye, Jacob’s Cattle, Lemon Yellow

Pole Beans by Pole
1 Robin’s Egg Horticultural
2 Noreaster
3 Kentucky Wonder Pole
4 Missouri WOnder Pole
5 McCaslan
6 Old Homestead