This is a shot of the garlic beds, before we start major harvesting this weekend. Approx 1/2 of the bed with the other half running fallow this summer. This is approx 20’x20′ or so and has approx 450 bulbs.
They will be harvested, lightly cleaned of any external dirt/earth, and hung up to dry outside in a shaded leanto for about a month.
Then we take them down, trim the foliage, sort them for seed in the fall, and eating, then they go into the cold room for dark, cool storage.

This is a closeup of a garlic scape that we did not harvest a month ago… it stands taller than I do!
I cannot recall them getting so big/tall.
Too big/tall/wooden I suspect to eat as a green any more. We had harvested a bunch of garlic scapes earlier in July and tend to put them in as seasoning in salads and stirfrys.

Lastly we came across this last night:20130725b-13
This is the first ripe tomato in the patch. A Melford type. It was delicious!

It is almost too late to tie up the tomato plants a 2nd time as most have fruit and a lot of it.. to the point of laying down. Attempting to tie them now risks breaking them.