20130929b-13-vineyardThis last week has been unusual and warm weather in Eastern Ontario. Sunny and warm that is. We took the opportunity to modify and beef up our “vineyard” supports.
The grape vines did much better this year (year 1 they got eaten by deer, year 2 they did much better), and we had looked at our support system and found it lacking.

There were two beds with a couple of 4×4 posts 14′ apart with some wire strung between them. So we added some 6′ 4×4 posts with a 2×4 support across the top and will run some clothesline between them, building a very well supported structure in both tension and compression, and give the grapes a solid heavy wire to grow on, especially grow higher. They’ve already topped out at the 4′ level and next year we are expecting even better.