It’s April, it’s not freezing as much as it did, and the ground has thawed.
Yesterday 300kg of composted sheep manure stopped by and we started putting it into the raised vegetable beds. Peas have gone into the ground alongside some new climbing racks for them.
Lettuce went in last night as well.

20131019b-32-garlic planting
This image of the garlic patch is from when we planted it back on October 19th. It has also come up and we hope to get some images of it in the next few days.

Also going up in the next week is a new anti-rabbit fence, consisting of 4’x50′ 1″ chicken wire, folded out at the last foot so that it is 3′ high and 1′ out to help prevent digging underneath.
150′ of this was purchased on sale at TSC (the old co-op in Kingston).

The deer fence has to come down and be totally rebuilt as this winter ice buildup and wind and snow killed it.
It was the 7’x100′ lee valley poly grid fence. It has been very effective against deer.
In the past it was stapled to 4×4 or 2×2 posts around the perimeter. This year it will have rope woven through the top and bottom and the rope will be attached to the posts.