Jupiter 20160121 10:44UT

Jupiter 20160121 10:44UT

Wow.. even colder this morning! Why do I do this again?
-18C at 05:30.

Prepared with new thermo mittens, not gloves, in the hopes of keeping fingers working.
Hmm.. seem to have bought two left hands. How does that happen?
Put them on anyway and ran two imaging runs.

Hmm.. Jupiter is not nearly so clear as it was.
Take a peak outside.. looks clear. transparency below average, seeing maybe average
Unlock the primary mirror and redo the coarse focus, lock it down again.
Still cannot achieve a clear sharp image with the microfocuser.
Oh well.. try two more runs and pack it in.
Check the corrector afterward, it is clear.

On the drive into work it became apparent… a level of fog starting maybe 10m up that the headlights lit up.
That will really kill the sharpness, the focus, for sure.

The Great Red Spot finally appears! but half of some of the northern belts disappeared 🙂
Same processing as yesterday, but a much worse image. Did not even attempt Mars or Saturn