The free seed swap table at the 2016 March meeting of the Grassroots Growers meeting, held in Erinsville last month.

We are still, this past weekend, experiencing night temperatures of -12C.. sooo still too early for gardening.
The best hope is this coming Thursday, with expected highs of +12C and lows of 0C. After that it should be double digit highs and no freezing for the next week+ after that.

So this coming weekend will be the first big push of the spring/summer season. opening up storage sheds, bringing out wheelbarrels and shovels;
Inspecting all of the tools to see how they survived the winter; hauling out the tillers and starting them up; prepping storage areas for incoming composted manure; staking out the new flower bed area, perhaps even start to dig it up as the ground should not be frozen anymore.