Wednesday evening showed a two day shy full moon lighting up the sky, but with Jupiter a fair ways up the sky.
Always a good time to practice practice practice, the processes and procedures for imaging and trying to incrementally make them better.
This imaging session showed that somehow, for the first time, the power had not been shut off to the telescope. It had been parked and beeped confirmation.. I am pretty sure. But the scope was not in the park position, rather slightly down and west of where it should have been, three days ago. The dew shield had come off, which suggests a lot of movement, but there was no cable wrap at all.
Strange. Perhaps the most likely situation is that the power bar switch bounced to off and then to on again.
If the scope had actually parked and the power was continuous, it would/should not have moved.
The fact that it moved suggests the power was off then on again. It may have started tracking after the power up.

In any event, I fired up the firecapture beta and tried out a couple of the new features, but not with a lot of luck.
In the image runs, you can easily see that contrast was a lot worse, from the moon lighting up the sky.

The Great Red Spot is visible, but not much else. Focus was difficult as seeing and transparency was poor.
Just waiting for the moon to get out of the way… perhaps Saturday evening is the next target of opportunity.