This is another good imaging run on Friday evening, 2017 April 14th. Only 12 runs done and the third one needs some trimming as Jupiter hit an edge of the Field of View. Pointing was off by 10+ degrees and tracking was so poor it required almost constant correction. Had to use a replacement telrad that was not calibrated to this scope either

In any event, the GRS was finally in view! Always nice to see. A lot of detail with seeing and transparency being about average.

I’ve changed the aspect ratio of the processed image from about 1 to about 0.8, ie from 400×400 to 400×050, in order to get better results when printing to 4″x6″ photos.

This run I used the same registax settings the run from Thursday night, and yet they look way more overprocessed.. ie artificially high contrast. I may redo them to lessen the effects next time around.

The best image was from just after midnight, the 2nd one, exposure times were down to 40ms as Jupiter climbed higher.