We are so far behind this fall it is not even close to funny. And to help out (not!) it has bee too cold and windy to accomplish anything appreciable in the outdoors when we are home.
As part of the data management part of our heirloom garlic operation, we need good signage in the garden that will withstand the elements and be able to be easily read. Our best solution to date is laser printer large font names, laminated and then cut into pieces and stapled onto 1×2 wooden stakes.
In the past years we reused old wooden stakes, cutting off the rotted bits on the bottom every year, until we are left with very short stakes.

SO the old signage comes off the short stake and gets reattached to the new 2 and 2/3′ long stakes. In addition, with multiple rows of the same type, we need to create some new markers so that *each and every row* has signage.
It helps come spring and also in the summer harvest time!

Planting should occur within the week. Over 75 types with over 850 plants last year, this year will be similar.