The astroberry 4.04 install image was downloaded (about 4GB, 8GB uncompressed) and successfully installed on a 32GB microsd card.

That went into the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and ran! The specs and various youtube videos never mentioned this model and always recommended the 8GB model of Pi4, or 4GB and not really the 2GB version.

The Pi zero has only 512MB … but it still works! It is also about as responsive as your regular windows install.. more good news.

It comes with a lot of astro software..

KStars – great planetarium program with easy to install additional libraries.. like: NGC/IC catalogues; OpenNGC Catalogue, Abell Planetary Catalogue, Sharpless HII Region catalog, Hickson Compact Groups catalogue, Lynd’s catalogue of Dark Nebulae, Tycho2 Star Catalog (mag 8-12.5), USNO Nomad catalog (mag 12.5-16.5).

PHD2, firecapture, cameracapture and many many more.

It can be its own wifi hotspot, but for now it is connected to the house wifi for updates and remote desktop access… using realvnc for grpahical desktop remote. works well.

It’s been stable for a day now, so time to add a USB hub (it has only 1 usb 2.0 port) and then see about hooking it up to the celestron nexstar 6se mount for pointing and tracking.