The raised beds tend to dry out a little faster than an inground garden bed. So this year we expanded our tape irrigation system into three of the four beds in this image (we ran out of tape!). This is the before image.. we’ll post an after image shortly.
The system consists of a water feed, mechanical water timer (runs for up to 120 minutes), a one way valve backflow preventer, a filter, a pressure regulator and then into the header hose. Along the way holes are poked and a tape line adapter is inserter, then the tape to it. At the other end, the tape is folded over and sealed.
Typically we walk around and turn on the 4 separate systems (Veg 1,3,4), Veg, Veg4, Veg5 for 120 minutes in the morning and walk away and forget about it.

Tape/drip irrigation is awesome… no evaporative losses like a sprinkler, exact point water along the plant line, not water everywhere and anywhere, a slow enough feed that there is no runoff at all… Recommended!
Our tape lines are approx 8m long each, sometimes we use two lines in a subbed, like the garlic.