This is Saturn from Monday morning.. early Monday morning. The point of this post was to show the results of some troubleshooting with file and image management.
Over the last few years I have used Linux Fedora server and the ImageMagick package to manipulate and annotate astro images. To date I place the Northisup icon, a small image of the telescope and the Observatory. 10 years later this really helps!!
I started also annotating the filename, which contains the date and UT time, along with other info like exposure. This was provided by Firecapture. It did not however store other important information, like number of frames taken. Firecapture creates another file with all of that info.. along with a lot of other useful tidbits, like: magnitude, altitude, airmass, CMI longitude, and number of frames.
Over the years, files get misplaced. I doubt if I have any of the original firecapture .txt files from 10 years ago. So.. what if *all* of the text information was annotated to the astro image? Let’s make two versions, one with the minimal information package and another with it all!
The above image is the original minimal.
The image below is the same but with extra info added to the bottom.
None of this overwrites any of the image content itself… very important!

Next up is to center the icons at the top.

The bash code looks like this:
echo starting 0annotateserenity2022july6-eq6-vixen
echo removing spaces in filenames
for f in *\ *; do mv “$f” “${f// /_}”; done
echo change filename case to lower case
for file in * ; do lower=$(echo $file | tr A-Z a-z) && [[ $lower != $file ]] && mv $file $lower ;done
echo starting image processing 2022*.png
for i in 2022*.png
#this is needed as the .txt file has a slightly different name than the .png file associated with it.
short=$(echo $i | cut -c 1-20 )
cp $short*.txt details.txt
echo start annotation on $i
echo add allinone icon filename to a
# work on changing 410 to center?
composite -geometry +410+5 ../allinone.png $i a.png
cp a.png c.png
echo add filename
convert c.png -gravity South -background lightblue -splice 0x20 -annotate +0+2 $i d.png
echo add kevin text d to e
convert d.png -gravity South -background lightblue -splice 0x20 -annotate +0+2 ‘Kevin Kell SCGO Serenity II Observatory Yarker Ontario Canada’ e.png
echo add mount ota text e to f
convert e.png -gravity South -background lightblue -splice 0x20 -annotate +0+2 ‘SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6GT; Vixen VC200L 200mm F9 FL=1800mm x2.0 Antares barlow =3600mm ‘ f.png
#convert e.png -gravity South -background lightblue -splice 0x20 -annotate +0+2 ‘”$i”‘ f.png
echo add copyright to f then add filename then create final file
convert -comment ‘copyright StarlightCascade Observatory ‘ \
f.png g.png
cp g.png annotated/$i-annotated.png
echo test
convert g.png -gravity South -background lightblue -splice 0x900 -annotate +0+2 @details.txt annotated/$i-annotated2.png
rm ?.png
rm details.txt