Heirloom Seed Growers of Eastern Ontario at Starlight Cascade

Page Created: 2012 November 19
Page Last Updated: 2012 November 19

The Heirloom Seed Growers (HSG) of Eastern Ontario is an informal group of people based in and around the Kingston Ontario Canada region whose interests lie in saving and propogating heirloom seeds of various types.

These include but are not limited to: tomatos, potatos, beans, lettuce, garlic, and many many more.

We meet monthly to compare notes, experiences and plans to keep the collection of seed on an ongoing basis into the future.

In late 2012 November we set up a facebook page to act as a virtual meeting place as we have no reality based meeting place for more than a handful of people.

References and Resources

  • Baker Creek Rare seeds
  • Sandhill Preservation
  • Heirloom Seeds


  • 2012 November 19 Name change to Heirloom Seed Growers (HSG) of Eastern Ontario. This site will host any files that Facebook cannot. Our primary outreach/communication method will be Facebook as it will allow much more two way communication and interaction.
  • 2011 October 27 The website domain name of eohss.ca will be expiring in December and we have decided not to renew it. Rather this page will be a static reference resource and we will post related articles in the main Starlight Cascade wordpress Blog with an "EOHSS" tag. The eohss.ca website domain was first live in 2009 December