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Page Last Updated: 2011 March 01

Welcome to Kev's AstroBlog!
From the Starlight Cascade Observatory near Yarker, Ontario, Canada.
(44.22.39 N 76.45.47 W    155M Elevation)
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For 20 years now I have been thinking about keep my observing log online, but since I only got around to keeping an observing log on paper in the last 5 years, I'm not to worried about it. What I will be posting here are my observing images and some commentary.

Each category will show you the latest 4 lines or so of that particular project/topic. If you click on it, you will be taken to that project log.

Robodome Project
  • 201010 - robodome relocated to Winchester Ontario for further development. So far just the telescope has moved along with the workstation control and software. The dome itself will move in the spring.
  • 20100524 - disconnected workstation to allow for observatory floor renovation. thinking about replacing workstation with laptop
  • 20090711 - worked on workstation access
  • Allsky Concam Project
  • 20110907 - applied coat of rainx to dome. looks pretty scummy and full of dead wasps :) Placed laptop and power supply into environmental box for the winter.
  • 20110805 - added vent to allsky camera housing to let it cool more during the night.
  • Observatory and Observing
  • 20130327 - the 5 year old plastic shed up against the observatory failed in the winter due to a high snow load. The roof collasped. We will attempt to put a new roof covering overtop of it in the spring.
  • 20100524 - empty observatory, pull up floorboard and discover north pier concrete cracked. attempted to fix by putting in concrete patch filler. reinforced floor,
  • Misc Projects
  • 20100925 - Added some more handholds and handle to 20 cm dobsonian scope lower mount as it is still pretty hefty but the existing grip to move it around wasn't necessarily the best one.