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The RadioJove Radio telescope is an automated, 20.1MHz radio telescope located near Yarker (outside of Kingston) Ontario Canada.
This page contains the last 30 days images of data from the RadioJove Radio Telescope System and the Skypipe data loggin software. Each graph starts at 00:00 UT time and should end around 23:59 UT. sometimes we only get 23:30 UT.

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LAST 30 days
20230327-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230326-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230325-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230324-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230323-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230322-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230321-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230320-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230319-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230318-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230317-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230316-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230315-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230314-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230313-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230312-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230311-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230310-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230309-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230308-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230307-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230306-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230305-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230304-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230303-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230302-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230301-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230228-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230227-skypipepicFV.jpg 20230226-skypipepicFV.jpg