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Welcome to the Starlight Cascade Responsible Lighting Resource

Located near Yarker, Ontario, Canada (44.22.39 N 76.45.47 W    155M Elevation) in the Township of Stone Mills

Our Clear Sky Clock:
Feel free to use these resources in the battle for responsible lighting and against light pollution...with attribution.

Basic tenets for light pollution abatement:

  • * Use light only where you need and use it
  • * Use full cutoff fixtures to use the light where you want it and no where else.
  • * Use the appropriate wattage and not more than you need
  • * Use a motion sensor if at all possible
  • Responsible Lighting Resources

    Light Trespass without full cutoff fixtures.
    One Solution
    No light trespass using full cutoff fixtures.

    With Light Pollution

    With Responsible Lighting


    Responsible Lighting and Your Home Article Series:
  • Part1-back porch lighting (500kb PDF) Regulus - 2004 December
  • Part2-driveway lighting (174kb PDF) Regulus - 2006 January
  • Part3-garage floodlights (300kb PDF) Regulus -2006 February
  • Part4-front porch lighting (170kb PDF) Regulus -2006 August
  • Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network (KAON) Light Pollution Issues (3mb PDF) 2004 August - lighting issues on the Queen's University Ellis Hall Observatory observing Deck
  • Tindall Field Project 20070228 (1mb PDF) Lighting issues surrounding MacCorry Parking Lot, Tindall Field Project.

    Sky Quality Meter Article Series:

  • SQM Results1 -2006 October (71kb PDF)
  • Raw data up to 2006 September (18kb PDF)

    Image Resources

  • Image Collection (300+) with captions

    Other Links and resources

  • RASC-KC Light Pollution Page
  • Queen's University Observatory
  • RASC Calgary RL
  • RASC Saskatoon LPA
  • Durham Region Astronomical Association LPA Committee

    Official Plans

  • Stone Mills * Stone Mills 2009 Draft
  • Renfrew County * City of Kingston * Old Kingston Township * Old Pittsburgh Township * Leeds * Rideau Lakes * Sequin * South Frontenac * Muskoka DarkSkyInitiative

    Lighting Bylaws

  • RichmondHill-bylaw1050 * Mississippi Mills bylaw 03-62 *