SCG Observatories

Welcome to Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatories!
Near Yarker, Ontario, Canada. (44.22.39 N 76.45.47 W    151M Elevation)
Page Created 2022 November 28
Page Last Updated: 2022 December 03
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This is a summary of all of the observatories we have built at SCGO.

SCGO I (2002)

- an observing deck with two wooden piers sunk in concrete and filled with sand.

SCGO II (2003)

- a roll off roof observatory built from a Canadian Tire 8x10 metal shed. Built on the expanded observing deck. An interior wood support structure was added as well as outriggers for the roof to move out on. Hard to roll, Could accumulate heavy snow load. Blew off.. Twice. First image shows damage after first flight. 2nd image shows repairs done.

SCGO III (2021)

- The metal roof was replaced with a wooden roof and then in 2022 the wheels were replaced with V Track wheels and rails. The flippy board was replaced by very wide weatherstripping along the front interface. Very easy to move on six inverted V groove wheels.

MiniObs (2011)

- a flipoff cover, minimal size to house a Meade 20cm LX200GPS (RASC-KC). Worked reasonably well. Approx 3'x4'x4'. Later the top cover was hinged. Dismantled when wood pier rotted.

The TARDIS Observatory (2013)

roll off building (RASC-KC), approx 5'x8'x8' built to house the Torus Telescope (RASC-KC). Originally wheeled, was upgraded to V track and angle rail. Very easy to move. Two front doors open, floor panel swings up and is easily pushed and pulled on 6 metal inverted V wheels.

Serenity I (2018)

a flipoff roof design 4'x4'x4' a little too small to work inside at all. Tripod rested on wooden floor.. not stable enough.. would move when inside. Dismantled and renovated in 2022

Serenity II (2022)

a roll off building, same size as before on a 10' deck. Also our first concrete pier, isolated from deck and sliging surface. Easily moves on 4 inverted V groove wheels.