Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatories (SCGO)

Yarker Ontario Canada

Last Updated: 2024 Feb 20

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A Quick Look at the SCGO data collected:
SuperSID NAA-Cutler Maine 24.0KHz (2016) SuperSID NML-LaMoure North Dakota 25.2KHz (2016) SuperSID NLK-Jim Creek Washington 24.8KHz (2016)
RadioJove 20.1MHzi (2011)

Weather Station (2002)

Allsky1 Camera System (2003)

Allsky2 Camera System (2012)

Aurora Image Gallery (2004)

Comet Image Gallery (1997)

Solar Imaging

Mars Imaging (2011)

Jupiter Imaging (2011)

Saturn Imaging (2022)

Other SCGO webpages:
Allsky Camera 1 * Allsky Camera 2 * Astro Tourism * Aurora Image Archive * Comet Image Gallery * Gardening * Observatories * RadioJove System * SuperSid system * Weather Station *
Jupiter * Sol

Going forward, projects we would like to add:

  • a data logging Sky Quality Meter like this one:
  • a raspberry pi based seismograph like this:
  • a true 360 degree allsky colour camera, higher resolution and faster frame rate
  • a global meteor network camera system like this:
  • a hydrogen line radio telescope system like this: