Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatories (SCGO)

Yarker Ontario Canada

Last Updated: 2022 November 30

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A Quick Look at the SCGO data collected:
SuperSID NAA-Maine 24.0KHz SuperSID is an automated, 20-40 KHz radio receiver and antenna system running since 2016 January. It monitors the ionosphere using over the horizon radio transmitters, namely NAA in Cutler, Maine, USA.

RadioJove 20.1MHz
Radio JOVE project is an automated 20.1MHz radio receiver and dual dipole antenna system running since 2011 April. It monitors radio emissions from the Sun and Jupiter as they drift pass the antenna, centered on the South.

The 3rd iteration of an allsky camera system, which monitors the sky for cloud condition, bright meteors and aurora. The system view is not quite 360 degree allsky and is biased towards the north. This latest version running with an integrated raspberry pi and asi120mc camera has been running since 2019 December.

An allsky system that SCGO hosts, from the University of Western Ontario Meteor Physics Group, since 2012 June. It runs a cooled low light camera system whose Basic Purpose: multi-sensor observations of bright fireballs, brighter than -4Mv, in the cms to 10's of cm size meteoroids. Primary Scientific Goals: calibrate relative meteoroid mass/energy scales, study ablation behaviour, provide observational constraints for numerical etry models. Secondary Scientific Goals: flux of smaller near Earth Objects, observation of meteorite falls

Weather Station
Automated data logging weather stations at SCGO have been running since 2002 July. The current system (Acurite Pro (model 06004) has been running since 2019 November

Solar Imaging
A collection of our Solar imaging both Hydrogen Alpha and White Light

Mars Imaging
A collection of our Mars imaging, from 2011 to the present. This is the latest image taken

Jupiter Imaging
A collection of our Jupiter imaging, from 2011 to the present. This is the latest image taken

Saturn Imaging
A collection of our Saturn imaging

Aurora Image Gallery
A collection of our Aurora images since 2004

Other SCGO webpages:
Allsky Camera 1 * Allsky Camera 2 * Astro Tourism * Aurora Image Archive * Observatories * RadioJove System * SuperSid system * Weather Station *
Jupiter * Sol

Going forward, projects we would like to add:

  • a data logging Sky Quality Meter like this one:
  • a raspberry pi based seismograph like this:
  • a true 360 degree allsky colour camera, higher resolution and faster frame rate
  • a global meteor network camera system like this:
  • a hydrogen line radio telescope system like this: