Last tuesday we plunged ahead with a project that has been on the books for a few years now… insulating the north wall of the greenhouse.
We use the greenhouse in the early spring when the temperature drops below zero. We typically use plastic over the growing wraps forming a tent with an electric space heater inside. Most of the heat tends to vanish out of the building as it is simply 2×4 construction and 1/2 plywood walls.

A couple years ago we insulated and added a flat floor and that made it more comfortable inside, mainly from a safety perspective (don’t trip on uneven floor anymore).

So we emptied and dismounted everything on the north wall, including the mouse nest, cleaned it up and insulated with R3 styrofoam insulation and added a layer of 3/8″ plywood on top of that.

After the wall was done we rearranged the cupboards and work surfaces into something that should work better:

Lastly we built some more shelving to store regularly used items and laid down the rubber flooring squares again.
New screening was added to the floor vents, 3 sections of pegboard went up to organize tools, a new IKEA shelf was assembled and installed.
Done in one day. Total cost of the project was about $150

Once we see how this behaves in the early spring we will see about adding the next phase of insulating the east wall.
This has also eliminated a lot of potential mouse nesting space, which is always good. We had 8 mousetraps in the greenhouse and none of them tripped for some weeks now. We thought we were mouseless.