We’ve been here since 2002 with a datalogging weather station and visual observatory and have been adding equipment and functionality ever since. We have had some serious data flowing around here (Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatory) with our astronomy projects. This is a fairly live and uptodate display of the SIDs, Allskycameras, RadioJove radio telescope, webcams, and weather station:

Weather Station
Reporting to:

  • Weather Underground Station IONTARIO51 since 2002 October 31 and
  • PWSweather.com since 2018 February 14

    Weather WebPage Runs 24/7 usingDavis VantageVue (2013 March 17)

    Kingston earthquake seismogram (not ours)

  • Current WeeWX generated Page
    since 2016 september

    Weather WebPage Runs 24/7 usingDavis VantageVue (2013 March 17). As of 2018 November, the system no longer works at night and the new lithium batteries drain very quickly. Awaiting troubleshooting & repair.

    Allsky1 Camera System
    (aka concam) (since 2007 Jan in this setup, since 2002 with older system) is an SBIG ST237A camera with an integrated wide angle lens, taking 60-80sec exposures all night long.
    SBIG ST237AAllsky1 latest image
    Allsky1 WebPage
    starts after local sunset, ends before local sunrise.
    2018 July 01 – camera has failed and system is offline.
    Allsky2 Camera System
    (aka UWO allsky camera 10) (since 2012 June) is a low light video camera grabbing and digitizing 10-20 fps. UWO cam 10
    Allsky2 latest image

    Allsky2 WebPage
    Starts with light sensor triggering at dusk.
    VLF 20-40KHz SuperSID (since 2016 January) Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance receiver.

    Y axis=50

    Y axis=500


    Supersid WebPage

    Built 2016 January; online with Stanford 2016 Feb.
    Updated once daily around 00:00 UT
    Removed from service 2019Feb10 – waiting for build of new data logging device.

    Radio Jove Radio Receiver (Since 2011 April 29)
    (offline 2016 May 28-July29)
    A Radio Receiver tuned to 20.1 MHz attached to a dual dipole antenna will receive radio signals from Jupiter and the Sun. Runs 24/7

  • SCGO Radiojove WebPage 
  • Last 144 images (3 days)
  • Radiojove image archive

    RJ1-   1 hour image

    RJ2-1 day image

    Updated hourly
  • Latest Sky Quality Meter (SQM) readings:

  • Saturday 2018 Sept 15 03:30 EDT no moon 21.48
  • Saturday 2017 December 16 18:05 EST 20.59 after moonset
  • Monday 2014 August 25 21:30 EDT 21.25 after moonset
  • Saturday 2013 April 27 unknown time 20.91 after moonset
  • Latest image from the Jupiter Gallery (UT):

    Live event logs: events.log