Starlight Cascade Gardens and Observatory outside of Yarker Ontario Canada.  This the the home of Kevin and Kim and their cats. 

You can contact us by email: kevin (at) starlightcascade (dot) ca
or kim (at) starlightcascade (dot) ca

The roll off roof observatory is home to our visual observing efforts along with a weather station, an all sky camera watching for fireballs, an 2nd all sky camera watching for fireballs, an FM radio meteor detection receiver, a 40khz sudden ionospheric disturbance SID1 detector, a 24khz sudden ionospheric disturbance SID2 detector.

The Storage shed for the lawn equipment (see the ramps?) was quickly turned into a greenhouse to start many of the veg earlier in the year.

The gardens are both flower and vegetable with a large  contingent of heritage tomatos and over 20 types of garlic.
This is our beds of garlic planted in the fall of 2009.