This was the scene that greeted us on our arrival late Friday afternoon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  rain. lots of rain.  We knew about Hurricane Norbert a few hundred km off to the west and also about Tropical Storm Odile heading our way from a few hundred km to the south.  But when we walked out of that plane we were hit by a wall of heat and humidity.

Leaving toronto a few hours earlier, it was maybe 14 degrees C and our typical 40% humidity.  Puerto Vallarta was about 35 deg and 100% humidity.  It was unreal.  Worse than walking into the tropical jungle section of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Montreal.

The airport was interesting.  We were hearded outside and waited to get inside buses that transported us across the tarmac.  Jumping large puddles we entered the terminal and started to walk through long wet, humid hallways back to the area that we arrived at, albeit one floor down.  Paperwork paperwork paperwork and presto! We were gringo touristas in Mexico.  then customs.. press a button, green light,  through some doors and BANG! 30 people all trying to tell us to come with them to our hotel.  30 minutes later we were on our coach bus with A/C, it was getting dark and we headed off on a 1 hour trip to the resort.. in the dark.. in the rain…  that was an experience in itself!  More about the Palladium Vallarta coming up!