Sunday was cloudy and hot and humid.  It is amazing how fast we adapted to the climate and how much we loved it.  The beach was the first stop and all went out to test their individual stability against the surf.  The view back up the hill to the resort was also spectacular.  A good thing too… all that exercise up and down the endless stairs did help counteract all of the food and drink… a little at least!.

What next? afternoon torrential rains of course.  Funny how many pool participants did not even seem to notice, much less wine.  But it was warm rain.  A few hours of that along with the not so gentle sound of the surf, and relaxation started to set in.   Sunday was the day we discovered the room gecko.  A tiny little thing, maybe 10 cm long.  Supposedly more afraid of us than we of it, it soon showed up with friends out in the hallway.  Lots of friends.  Geckos everywhere!  And frogs and centipedes and more.  That would explain the heavy duty room door sweeps.

Darkness comes early? and faster than up north.   Luckily the pool had lights and eventually the long day came to an end.