From a previous post from older program (August 14)

Well, sitting in my office today, I watched the large white puffy things grow in the North. Eventually it did rain today, but not before I managed to do some solar observing, again the sun was blank.

Only one day to go, and holidays will be here. Our weekend starts off with a wedding, wedding shower, camping, gardening, and oh maybe the garage will finally get cleaned out.

Sara flies into Toronto tonight with her Nan, and then home by car tomorrow. Its been a couple of weeks now, since she has been gone, and now she is thinking of heading back out west to live…….

Home we went, and found another hook worm in the tomatoes, which are starting to finally ripen up……

well, time to drink the wine before it goes warm, and maybe kick back and watch some Olympics, since the garlic is all done, and drying quite nicely.