We had a 4 hour long power outage this morning at home. Always a surprise to see how great your preparedness is not. 🙂
It is always good in a way.. gives one a chance to review and take steps to make it better for next time… and there is always a next time.
Out in our rural area, we get at least a half dozen outages each winter.
After the moresnowthannormal winter of 2007 we thought we were ahead of the ball game, preparedness wise.
What happened this morning?
Well we did have the embers of a fire from last night going, and added more wood to get the heat up.
The two 110vac plugin nightlights with battery backup… both failed.
One was turned off and the other was unplugged and dead.
The clock radio alarm… didn’t work even with batteries. That’s out and the old one is back. It may not display the time on batteries but the alarm function still works.
We did have a lot of utility water stored away and some bottled water .. so that was good. The kettle went on the wood stove with no problem either and hot tea was on the way just as the power came back on.
Other notes and thoughts:
Not enough matches and candles and flashlights in all of the obvious places.
Cats are underfoot even more than normal in the dark!  Maybe we get them glow in the dark collars… or little cat mounted LED lights 🙂 That would be cute.