A lot of little catch up items .. groundhog day was yesterday and with groundhogs only at 39% with their predictions, at least the big 3 all agreed on seeing shadow and more winter coming.
We of course watched Groundhog Day.. an annual tradition.

The snowblower went out twice in the last week, clearing out over 50 cm… at least we can get to the greenhouse and observatory now.

The KAON400 (Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network) kickoff event on January 10th went well as described earlier. The guest speaker kickoff at RMC had a hiccup or two… a widespread power outage the afternoon and night of the talk on Tuesday… during a blizzard…
so it was rescheduled for Wednesday and everything went well.
Dr. Sara Seagher spoke on extrasolar planets and methods of detecting them.

We have wondered for some time what an LCD monitor placed out in the observatory would do.. and if it would hold out… and so far it has been out for 3 weeks and is doing wonderfully…despite -10, -15 and -20C temps.