Kim reports no scapes appearing on the garlic… it has been cooler than normal and I think we might finally be free of the frost.
We did end up adding more weed cloth to act as a wind break.. the Veg4 garden is now completely surrounded by it. There were no more snapped off plants since we put up the first batch last weekend.

We discovered an 8′ tall oak tree back across the creek, in a batch of saplings of? some misc tree that grows wild. The oak had a clearing made around it with some narrow pathways through the woods… it should be much happier now, after being surrounded for years.

The wall of sunflowers along the far creekside will probably not happen this year. The birds got most of the first seed planting and the wnd planting hasn’t popped up yet.

Grass cutting: we tried an experiment last year to back off cutting the lawns from every week when they needed it to every two weeks. This was to cut down on the amount of yard work time, to cut down on the pollution caused by the mowers and trimmers, to allow the grass to grow and stay taller, helping contain soil moisture and help block weeds. It worked so well we are going to continue with this pattern.