We had the opportunity to learn more about recent history in our Township of Stone Mills…. and several hours worth of searching the internet has failed to produce any more detailed information about the massive water contamination in Newburgh, Enterprise, Sydenham and our worst fear in the near future, Yarker Ontario.
This HydroG study from 1996 sets the stage with quotes like “The villages of Colebrook and Yarker have problems with wells and septic systems. A survey conducted in 1985 showed that 34% and 52% of the wells in Colebrook and Yarker had unacceptable levels of bacteria.”
Nothing has been done since then except to add more housing to Yarker (now at 175).
“The small size of lots in Colebrook and Yarker is probably the most significant constraint with respect to septic and well system use. …the median lot size in Yarker is 0.14 hectare. By way of comparison homes with wells and septic systems being approved today typically require a one hectare lot.”

The draft official plan of Stone Mills, now under review, does not give us any hope of improvements or mitigation of future risk. yarker