Live music is wonderful. Live theatre is wonderful.
Combine the two together and you get both Jann Arden on January 25th and Tom Cochrane on February 4th performances on stage here in Kingston at the downtown-in-the-worst-location concert setting.
But enough about that. They were great. Jann came onstage, on time, without any openers and stuck around for 2 1/2 hours of fun and song.
Tom came on an hour after the start by two openers and lengthy intermissions. A little less than two hours later we headed out, exhausted from the last two big songs, Life is a Highway and Lunatic Fringe. Phew!

I’m noticing in this technological age that event organizers have pretty well given up on banning electronics from taking images or sounds of the event. There were hundreds if not thousands of cell phone cameras clicking away all night. Not three or four? years ago, the Tragically Hip came to the Royal Military College and we were literally strip searched for water and electronics. If we ever come across the company that managed that event again, they will not get our business.
Call them the TSA of concerts.