What is the purpose of long weekends again? Maybe to rest?
Not this one… We spent friday and saturday cleaning and raking and moving and weeding.. and finally got the last vegetable beds ready to go with copius amount of sheep manure and a rototiller that actually started up ok and behaved well.

All of the rain barrels (all 7 of them) were hooked up to various eavestroughs and we are eagerly expecting rain any time now to start filling them.

The pressurized water system was setup again, with new washers, replaced manifolds and a lot of thrown out leaking accessories.

We were expecting to have a nice leaf fire but were struck with a complete fire ban in the township.. so that will have to wait for a few days of rain.

The straw was pulled off the garlic beds when we discovered they were still mostly frozen, even in the 10-20 deg days we have been having. As of yesterday a lot of shoots are poking through the ground. The greenhouse and cold frame plantings are starting to come along as well.

On the good news side, we were mouse free until Sunday… then along comes a mouse into the greenhouse. So much for having all of the holes blocked up.