In the wisdom of food security: you can never have enough veg gardens!
Hence our purchase of 16 yards of triple mix garden dirt on the weekend and the dumping thereof in our driveway.

Up to now we had 4 veg beds (1,2,3,4a,4b,4c) of approx 850 ft^2.

On Saturday we added 4d, two sections of approx 3’x20′ or another 120ft^2 . Veg 4D is outside the deer fence and will be used for companion flowers and cucumbers this year. This put us at 970 ft^2.

On Sunday we started work on Veg5a, a two year plan. This one is approx 15’x29′ or 470 ft^2 and will be used for potatoes this year.
We attempted to dig out and turn over the sod, but this is all 1-4″ of peat moss with fractured limestone rock and it did not dig out at all.
So instead, we attempted to kill off the grass/peat by covering it with tarps for the last two weeks. That did not work out too well, the grass just a little yellow and definitely not dead yet.
This will bring us up to 1440 ft^2

So down went some brown wrapping paper, about 3′ wide followed by load after load of dirt, moved from the front to the back. We are aiming for about 6″ deep and then will add some more garden compost and sheep manure, all mixed up. Potatoes will be going in shortly… in the next week or two. Again these are heritage types and we will keep good records to see which adapt to the micro climate/environment that we have here.
The 2nd part of the two year plan is Veg 5b, which is approx another 500 ft^2.

April is off to a horrible start, with the lowest rainfall amount (25mm) since we’ve moved in. and did I mention the black flies biting? THey are pretty bad.