We hooked up with a bus trip from Napanee to the Peterborough Garden Show last Saturday (April 10th) and all in all had a good time. THe show was held in a two pad ice arena and was packed solid. So much so that it was hard to move around and very hard to stop and look at various tables because of the passing throngs.
A word of advice to the organizers: make the aisles wider!
There were many more displays and sellers of garden stuff than there was at the Kingston Garden Show a couple of weeks back at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, but again the crowds discouraged buying anything large or fragile in fear of it breaking before you got it out of there.
Less than 2 hours to get there, about 4 hours on site including some talks and 2 hours back with a stop at a newly moved nursery outside of Cobourg and a stop for dinner at h the North China Buffet in Belleville.
It was nice to go once but we probably will not hit this garden show again.