We attended the kickoff to the 2010 Grow-A-Row campaign in the Kingston area last night.

Loving Spoonful is coordinating Kingston Grow a Row this year. Grow a row encourages home gardeners, community gardeners and farmers to plant an extra row of produce and donate their harvest to local emergency food providers including food banks, shelters and emergency meal programs. Grow a Row builds on the tradition of gardeners sharing their bounty with neighbours and friends.

This is our first year with this campaign and we have planted two rows of carrots specifically for it. I suspect there will be some additional items coming along from surpluses that we had last year and that we may have this year.

The event was a nice get-together in a medium to small size hall. A pot luck dinner (vegetarian) was the highlight along with some live musical entertainment. It is nice to know that there are some celebrity gardeners, including the mayor of Kingston, participating this year.